Gakuen Alice Chapter 115 jp

Title- Rei's Out

Date- June 5th, 2009

Volume 20

Previous Chapter → Chapter 114

Next Chapter → Chapter 116


The Elementary Principle has ordered that Rei be released from his prison and brought to him. In his office, the ESP tells Rei that he has a great Alice and that Izumi wanted to keep him imprisoned because he, too, thought he was a danger. Rei is shocked of the ESP's words. Meanwhile, Izumi learns over the phone that Rei has been released and is with the ESP and agrees to fetch the boy. Yuka wakes up and asks Izumi what's wrong. He kisses her and hugs her, and tells her that something came up and will be right back. When he leaves, Yuka remembers their night together and their promise to have a happy family.

Mikan is saddened and wants to stop her father from meeting his end, but Tsubasa convinces her to let things be the way they are. However, she accidently trips and falls into the hole, and lands in front of her father. Izumi asks her who she is, but Mikan is unable to speak to him. She mentally pleads with his not to go and Izumi si confused of her appearance. Tsubasa grabs her from the hole and she manages to scream "Daddy!" to him. Izumi thins of her and mutters "Mikan", thinking that she may be his daughter if she called him daddy. Mikan cries as he reaches the ESP's office, knowing that she didn't change the outcome. Izumi asks for Rei to return to his dungeon while he talks with the ESP, but Rei doesn't listen. He asks Izumi if he really kept him imprisoned because he thought he was dangerous. Izumi doesn't deny it, but says that he was going to release him when he felt Rei was ready. Overcome with Izumi's "betrayal", Rei uses his Alice on him unconciously and shouts "Shut up!" as Izumi pleads with him to stop using his Alice. Eventually, Rei uses a powerful blast from his Alice on Izumi and is overwhelmed, and unable to use his Nullification to protect himself.



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