Gakuen Alice Chapter 114 jp

Title- Connected

Date- May 20th, 2009

Volume 20

Previous Chapter → Chapter 113

Next Chapter → Chapter 115


Izumi and Yuka had just confessed their love to each other and embrace in front of everyone. They are summoned to the High School Principle's office. When they get there, the lights are briefly turned off so Kazumi and Jinno can beat Izumi for his behavior, much to Yuka's shock. They criticize Izumi for engaging in such behavior with a student but he says that although he knows that his and Yuka's feelings for each other are wrong, he promises to always protect her. Yuka asks that they let things be they way they have become. Kazumi and Jinno relent to the relationship.

Time passes, Izumi and Yuka's relationship continues to grow. One day, he takes her to the MSP's Hana Hime dungeon. There, he introduces her to a 14-year-old boy named Reo Serio (Persona), who has the Alice of Death and has no control over it. He is badly infected because he has little to no control over his Alice. Izumi has been visiting him and caring for him almost every day, and they two have formed a close bond. Yuka gives Rei Izumi's Nullification Alice to heal his body. Izumi says that with helping Rei, they are close to achieving their goal of being a family, due to that Rei's parents abadoned him when he was born because he was deformed by his Alice. Izumi and Yuka embrace and share their first kiss. They are then seen sleeping together and Yuka's dream of having a happy family with Izumi can be heard telepathically. Izumi wakes up and kisses Yuka when he hears his phone ring.

At the Hime Hana, someone comes to Rei's cell and releases him.



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