Gakuen Alice Chapter 113 jp

Title- Come To Me

Date- ?

Volume 20

Previous Chapter → Chapter 112 and Volume 19

Next Chapter → Chapter 114


It starts off right where Chapter 112 ends. Yuka is surprised that Izumi hugged her. Realizng what he did, he goes off in panic to his brother, the principal of the High School Department. He thought over what he did to Yuka and asks Kazu for advice. After being taunted by his brother, he says that when he met Yuka, he knew that "this kind of thing is not possible" . He says that his body moved on it's own, responding to his desire to touch her. He mentioned that he was lost in Yuka's eyes, that he froze once he met eye contact. After that, he is being teased by Kazu and Jinno as "the worst" and "fails as a teacher". They discuss the plans of the Elementary Department Principal's plans after that. Izumi finds out that Kuonji arranged a marriage between him and Yuka. Enraged, he looks for Yuka.

Meanwhile, Yuka is with Subaru and Shuichi. They both made alice stones for her, and are fighting over who gets to give theirs to Yuka. Yuka remembers Izumi, then thinks about her confession and what he did earlier. Izumi arrives, interrupting her thoughs. He asks her to explain why she agreed to being "his puppet" and why she is getting married to Kuonji. Yuka wonders how he found out about it.

He asks her all sorts of things, then Yuka finally responds. She tells him that if he's worrying about her as a teacher, he should stop doing those things. She also says that it is her decision and that her sensei shouldn't be telling her off for it.

She tells him that she was angry about his reaction to her confession, saying that he ignored her and pretended to not know. Saying that he should not give her false hope, she runs off.

Izumi chased after her. When he asks why she ran off with another man when she already said she likes him, Yuka stopped and looked at him with shock. He confesses that he likes her too, and he says that she should stay by his side. Yuka hugs him in reply.

After that, it shows that the Elementary Department Principal was watching.



New Characters

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Memorable Moments


  • (Yuki-sensei to Yuka) - "If you already said that you like me then don't go to another man's side!"

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