Gakuen Alice Chapter 112 jp

Title- Won't Give Up

Date- April 4th, 2009

Volume 19

Previous Chapter → Chapter 111

Next Chapter → Chapter 113 and Volume 20


Yuka and Narumi have a conversation about Yuka going back to the Elementary School Principal and that if Yuka does go back everyones efforts would of been for nothing. Narumi then goes on that Yuka is giving up, She has to be protected by others, and needs to get stronger. While they are talking Shiki, Yukihara, and Kaoru watch. Yuka after hearing this says thank you and lays her head on his back. Kaoru and Shiki comfort her, but Yukihara leaves. Yuka is then at the Elementary School Principal's office and he proposes to her. He continues on that she will never leave the academy and tells her his alice. Yuka runs out the window, but happens to be found by Yukihara who asks if she is okay. Yuka thinks of becoming stronger and says she alright. Time changes and Kaoru is graduating and she tells Yuka that because of her she does not want to leave. Kaoru hugs Yuka and gives her alice stone. She then tells Yuka that she will be fighting in the outside world and tells Yuka to meet with her someday. Scene changes to everyone from the present watching. Time changes again and Yukihara introduces Subaru Imai and Sakurano Shuuichi to Yuka and Narumi. Yukihara says that people have eyes on them. Yuka after hearing this promises to protect the two. It then begins to rain and Yukihara asks Yuka to teleport him to the middle school section.



New Characters


New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

What is the Elementary School Principal's alice?

Memorable Moments


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