Gakuen Alice Chapter 099 jp

Title- We're Bestfriends, Aren't We?

Date- June 20th, 2008

Volume 17

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Next Chapter → Chapter 100


The chapter starts off with Mikan worrying about everyone and the scene changes to Hayate running with Hotaru unconcious on his back. Hotaru wakes up and Hayate reveals that they are at Hanahimeden, Hotaru refuses to go in there and shock Hayate by asking "Who are you?". Hotaru walks away and accidentally got into the room where Mikan and Natsume is talking with Hime-sama(head of Hanahimeden). Mikan starts blaming herself for Hotaru tranferring but is quiten by Hotaru's "We're bestfriends, aren't we?". the girls then starts crying together. Hime-sama then tells Mikan that the green alice stone is the 'teleportation' alice stone made by Sakurano, the alice stone then activated itself causing Mikan, Nastume and Hotaru to teleport to where Narumi-sensei and the others are. Noddachi then shows up with Ruka and the chapter ends.S



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

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Memorable Moments


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