Gakuen Alice Chapter 097 jp

Title- Natsume's Confession

Date- May 2nd, 2008

Volume 17

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Next Chapter → Chapter 098


Everyone is surprised to see natsume and Luna is angry at him for burning her hair. The Elementary Principle taunts at Natsume, saying how he loves to play the knight in shining armor for Mikan and calls him a foolish child for thinking he could save Mikan. Natsume tells the ESp to shut up and confesses his love to Mikan, and says he will protect her no matter what, which shocks her. Luna, in a rage motions, to attack Mikan and Natsume creates a fire wall around Mikan and him. The ESP demands Nobara to stop to fire wall and Nobara stands there worried about Mikan. Nobara then remembers when Mikan told her that she's her friend and instead of stopping the fire, she freezes everyone to the floor. Mikan and Natsume escape while Luna tries to free herself from the ice while yelling at Fuukitai to stop them and that Mikan still has her Alice. She screams at Mikan and calls her a thief. Persona asked Rui to follow Luna who have already gotten herself free from the others. He on the other hand dealt with Nobara, throwing his mask at her and continually badmouthing her for helping them escape. Suddenly from behind, something is fighting with the Fuukitai that almost caught up with Mikan and Natsume. She also saw Hotaru together with the others who said that they have been looking for Mikan since the time she was taken by a Fuukitai. They also noticed the other Fuukitai with Luna nearing them, whch is why Hotaru bade goodbye to them as they take care of Luna and her henchmen.Following Narumi's lead, Natsume and Mikan was brought to the school grounds still with the Fuukitai on their tail. Natsume suddenly fell to the ground which alarmed both Mikan and Narumi. Mikan asks what's wrong and Natsume says he just tripped, but she can see that he looks like he's in so much pain. Narumi tells Mikan to escape with Natsume and to head to the basement of the middle school’s Hana Hime shrine. Narumi also tells Mikan that they will escape together and he cant stand Mikan being hurt, which shocks both Mikan and Natsume.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments

  • Natsume directly confesses his love for Mikan.


"THE WOMAN I LOVE as I see her sink in the same darkness I am in" "What damn things might happen in the future those type of thoughts can't enter my mind now" "The future that you guys want I don't care about that, from now on ...whatever happens I'll protect this person DEFINITELY" Natsume to ESP and other people in the dangerous ability class

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