Gakuen Alice Chapter 093 jp

Title- Stalked by Mr. Bear

Date- February 20th, 2008

Volume 16

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Next Chapter → Chapter 094


Mr. Bear is seen witnessing Mikan steal Persona's alice from Narumi. The scene changes to Mikan meeting her friends again after being unconciousness for three days in the hospital.Sumire tells her that they were all worried about her.Mikan remembers what Narumi told her during her stay at the hospital:He tells her about her second alice and that she should not use it anymore under any circumstances.Natsume who was also at the hospital hears all this so,he knows about Mikan's second Alice.While walking in the rain with an umbrella Mikan steps on Mr. Bear and calls Tsubasa for help. After Mr. Bear is dried he trys to go back outside in the rain. It is then revealed that Kaname's conditon has worsened and that Bear has been trying to weaken itself so his soul could go back to Kaname, thus helping his conditon. Days pass and Bear starts to stalk Mikan, because it wants Mikan to steal Kaname's alice from Bear's body. A rumor then spreads that if Mikan steals someone's alice that their star rank will increase, which makes people chase her. Bear becomes hurt during Mikan and Bear's attempt to run away from the people chasing her. Mikan repairs Bear, but he still does not move, so she vists Kaname. He tells her that was prentending, because Mikan was kind to it. At the end of the chapter Bear and Mikan become friends.



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