Gakuen Alice Chapter 092 jp

Title- Stealing Alice Revealed

Date- February 5th, 2008

Volume 16

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Next Chapter → Chapter 093


Mikan notices that Narumi is unwell and Narumi while holding on to her hand remembers some incidents from his past. Jinno arrives and removes Narumi's glove, thus revealing the black marks Persona made have worsened. Narumi while unconsious thinks about Yuka telling him that she hopses one day Narumi will care more for his partner than himself. Mikan who remembers these marks trys to remove like she did in the Hane Hime Arc. Narumi awakens and panics seeing Mikan trying to remove the marks.He even goes to the extent of slapping her because if her alice was found out,she would be in alot of trouble.The slap did not affect Mikan and she told Narumi that he could his her as much as he wanted and she would not try to remove the marks.To make things easier for her, Jinno knocks him unconscious and Mikan removes the marks and obtains an alice stone. Jinno says he will not tell anyone of the incident as it not only will cause trouble but won't make a difference and leaves.Mikan faints on Narumi due to overusing her alice.



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