Gakuen Alice Chapter 091 jp

Title- Our Bond is Forever

Date- January 19th, 2008

Volume 16

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Mikan who is still in Bear's body approches Hotaru who is still in Mikan's body. Hotaru remembers the what Luna told her..Mikan asks Hotaru if she was alright because she had a troubled look.Hotaru hugs Mikan and tells her that she is worrying about her.She also tells Mikan that their friendship will last forever. They meet Linchou who is now in Sumire's body and Koko who is back in his body.At that moment,Mikan goes back into her own body while Hotaru's soul gets transferred to Bear's body.Linchou then tells them that they must search for Bear who was causing trouble.Before Mikan left to search for it,Linchou tells her about how he found out about Natsume's weak body when his soul was in his(Natsume's) body.He further goes on explaining how Natsume and Ruka got back into their bodies and taht Bear was now currently in Hotaru's body.Mikan,after hearign about Natsume's weak body is worried about him and she rushes off to find him.She eventually sees Natsume sitting on a bench.Thinking that Natsume's body was being inhabited by Bear,Mikan handcuffs him to her and tries to take him away to show the others that she 'had caught Bear'.Natsume however does not budge,so Mikan ends up sitting with him.She tells Bear in Natsume's body(She still thinkshe's Bear)that he is very similar to Natsume as both are equally vviolent and frustrating.Natsume at this point,looked like he was about to punch Mikan but then she said that she was very confused about how Natsume was feeling about her.Natsume then held Mikan's hand to comfort her and it was then when she realized that she had been talking to the real Natsume all along.Just then,some passers by told the two that Bear who was in Hotaru's body was causing trouble and was heading toward the Middle School Division.The handcuffs broke and Natsume got up to leave.Mikan who had a feeling that Natsume would be going somewhere far asked him to promise not to go anywhere and leave her behind.He replied by calling her stupid and that he would not leave her. Mikan smiles happily after hearing that.She then spots Narumi who was passing by.



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