Gakuen Alice Chapter 090 jp

Title- Soul Shuffle

Date- December 5th, 2007

Volume 16

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Hijiri asks Mikan if the stealing alice has anything to do with her and after a awkward silence leaves. The scene changes to the science room where Mikan is asked if she is thinking about that woman (Yuka) who has the same alice as her. Hotaru tells Mikan that  because she has the same alice does not make the alice bad. Meanwhile the Tehoran have been causing trouble, which is usually taken care of by Natsume, but he has been recently isolating himself. A trap made by the Tehoran causes everyone there to switch bodies. Hotaru is in Mikan's body, Sumire in lincho's body, Natsume in Ruka's body, Ruka's in Hotaru's body, lincho's is in Natsume's body, Koko's in Sumire's body, Mikan's is in Bear's body, and Bear is in Koko's body. The Tehoran are caught, but didn't have the anitode, so they will have to wait for it to wear off. It is then learned that Bear ran off and is beating up anyone in his way, so the group spilts up to look for him. Hotaru while in Mikan's body meets Luna who says that the steal alice isn't good and to enjoy the time she has.



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