Gakuen Alice Chapter 089 jp

Title- Assuming Assumptions

Date- November 20th, 2007

Volume 16

Previous Chapter → Chapter 088 and Volume 15

Next Chapter → Chapter 090


The principals see Mikan holding the alice stones and each of them don't have a good reaction.The ESP oders Narumi to be brought to him immediately. Meanwhile Yuka runs off worrying about Mikan's safety. Its summer and Mikan has recovered from her brawl with Luna. All the students are now wearing their summer uniforms She arrives at her classroom to see Natsume who is currently isolating himself, even after Luna's true nature was revealed. Mikan seeing this tells everyone she still believes that Natsume has a reason for his behavior and will wait for him. The rest of the class show their appreciation for Mikan and she becomes the most admired because of her success during the sports festival.Elsewhere Misaki figures out about Narumi's marks he recieved from Persona. Narumi then says that the principal is using him to confirm if Mikan has the stealing alice. He goings on saying that he thinks that Yuka put something in the Elementary Section Principal's body. Later Mikan, Ruka, and Hotaru talk about Mikan's new alice. Hijiri Goshima barges in saying that alice is called the stealing alice.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

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Memorable Moments


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