Gakuen Alice Chapter 088 jp

Title- War Potential

Date- November 5th, 2007

Volume 15

Previous Chapter → Chapter 087

Next Chapter → Chapter 089 and Volume 16


Shiki continues explaining that Luna's Alice allows her to control others and that Luna is probably there to test Mikan. Back at the horseback race the red team is the lead. This is unitil Natsume gains points for his team, which causes them to start to gain many points in a comical way. Mikan who is sad about her teammates deaths gains some points, but only to have Sumire kick her and be saved by Tsubasa. A teammate controlled by Luna then attacks Mikan and she stops him and in the process obtains four Alice stones. Mikan knowing Luna was the cause glares at her, but Hotaru grabs Mikan with her robot's arm and throws her near Luna. The two brawl and reach the penalty causing them to faint and in the end the red team wins.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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