Gakuen Alice Chapter 087 jp

Title- Kibasen

Date- October 5th, 2007

Volume 15

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Next Chapter → Chapter 088


Mikan understands the kind of situation Natsume is in. She goes and meets up with her team mates.Her friends are shocked to see her smiling and ask if what Natsume had said hurt her.Mikan replied that nothin gcould be done about it and that she's ok with Natsume because she knows that he has a valid reason for his present behaviour.She added that she had nothing to worry about because in spite of all the rumors spread about her,all her friends still stuck by her.Natsume watches Mikan being hugged by Tsubasa with jealousy.It was time for the Kibasen or horseback race.It begins and the rules are to obtain stars on the oppenents head and that the team with the least stars left wins or if that team gets the general's star the game is over. The genreals on the red team are Kokoyomi and Nobara and on the white team Luna and Hotaru. Also Nobara who is being carried by the dangerous ability class; minus Natsume, trys to tell Mikan about Luna, but Tsubasa runs off when he sees Rui who is carrying her. The game starts and the red team gains some points when Tsubasa stops some oppenents with his alice, but he only has one more use of his alice. The scene changes to Shiki showing Yuka two pictures of Luna as a adult and child. Yuka then reveals that Luna has the Soul Sucking Alice.



New Characters

New Alices

Luna Koizumi- Soul Sucking Alice

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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