Gakuen Alice Chapter 086 jp

Title- Thin Ice

Date- September 20th, 2007

Volume 15

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Next Chapter → Chapter 087


Persona says he was put in charge of investgating the incident and takes off his mask. The scene changes to Luna telling Natsume that he and Mikan are on thin ice. Persona grabs on Mikan's shirt and says that her count sticker says she did use her alice. Mikan testifys that she used her alice accidently while falling and does not wish to be a burden. She is then told that she will be continued to be watched and rumors speard about her causing the incident. Mikan apologizes to everyone about her accident.When Hotaru asks about what happened between her and Luna Mikan says she doen't know and says she will do her best in the horseback race. Mikan leaves to tell her classmates to not believe the rumors. She sees a whole group of students gathered around and hears Natsume speaking ill of her(under Luna's orders).He says that he will not concern himself with Mikan anymore and that the others shouldn't as well and this surprises onlookers like Ruka and Sumire.Mikan comes forward and tells Natsume that he is "an eye sore".Luna is seen smiling.Both Mikan and Natsume leave the scene,Mikan almost in tears.Natsume comes across Kusami,the boy whos mask he had taken.Kusami tells Natsume that he really admires him and says he will not reveal Natsume's blunder to anyone.Natsume however doesn't seem bothered about all he was saying but went on and took his mask again.Mikan is shown running,extremely hurt about what Natsume said and was on the verge of crying.Suddenly,she is then pulled by Natsume who was wearing the mask and is hugged by him.This was his way of apologizing to her about what he had said earlier.Natsume then leaves and Mikan crumples to the group.This time,she is convinced that the masked boy is Natsume.The chapter ends with Natsume returning the mask to Kasumi and Kasumi swears that he will tell nobody about it.



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