Gakuen Alice Chapter 085 jp

Title- Cheerleading Competition

Date- August 20th, 2007

Volume 15

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Next Chapter → Chapter 086


The chapter starts with Mikan realizing that the masked boy was Natsume.The cheerleading was the next to take place. At the competition Mikan sees Ruka and Natsume and gives Natsume an awkward look. She also wanted to get a clarification on the matter concerning the identity of the masked boy who she felt was him.But,before she could ask Natsume anything,Luna interupts who tells her that she was watching the race with him the entire time and this makes Mikan sad because she secretly hoped the boy was Natsume.A couple of students talk about Natsume and Luna dating. While alone with Natsume Luna tells him that she should thank her for covering his blunder on the borrowing race and that she will make Mikan realize. The competition starts with the white team who easily impresses the audience.Tsubasa looks at a cheering crowd and wonders where Mikan was for she was usually present at such screaming moments.He is shocked to see her looking sadly at Natsume.Mikan in her thoughts tries to convince herself not to care on whether or not the masked boy was Natsume and also not to care about him and Luna.She is so jealous that she throws a table but Tono sees her action to be a sort of excitement about the competition.He tells her ro preserve her alice because they may later need .Ruka sees Luna with Hotaru.Hotaru's motive was to get a little close to Luna in order to find out what she was up to. Luna however,had other motives in mind.She was planning to use her Alice on Hotaru and was almost about to do so by biting her neck  until Ruka interferes telling Hotaru that it was time for Mikan's performance.She tells Ruka that from all the happenings no one can be trusted and that she would continue watching over Mikan and Luna.Now its the red team's turn and the students 'fly' in the sky. It goes well until the telekiness student controlled by Luna drops Mikan, but she is saved by Sakurano. The competition is then cancelled and at the hospital Mikan is questioned to be the cause of the incident by Persona.



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