Gakuen Alice Chapter 084 jp

Title- Borrowing Race

Date- August 4th, 2007

Volume 15

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Next Chapter → Chapter 085


Mikan, Hotaru ,Ruka and the rest of the students are having a picnic lunch.The students receive their lunch boxes based upon their start ranking. Mikan asks Ruka to join in with her and a few others, but they leave wanting Ruka to take a step in his relationship with Mikan. She asks Ruka where Natsume is and hears from Sumire that he is most likely with Luna. They however are not aware that Natsume is watching the entire scene.He sees Ruka and Mikan have lunch together and grabs a mask to try to speak to them, but ends up participating in the borrowing race as the rightful owner of the mask he took is a competitor of the race. The competition begins and as usual is very different from other competitions.The paper on which the borrowing necessity is wrritten is special made paper and will make the person who gets it borrow whatever makes them feel the most uncomfortable with and once the goal was reached whatever was to be borrowed will appear as fireworks in the sky.The judges would decide if the borrowed object fitted the demand or not. Serina had to borrow an annoying coworker, Yuri a girl who likes girls, Misaki a high ranked shortie, and Subaru to borrow his sister. This causes all the contestants to freeze in place momentarily, expect Subaru who is still frozen. Natsume who is still wearing his mask reads his note. He runs to the area where Mikan is and grabs her for his note said that he had to "Borrow the Person You Love".He wins the race because Mikan fitted the description perfectly while the perons the other competitors brought did not.Natsume runs off and returns the mask to Kusami who was the owner while Mikan runs after him, only to be a victim to Kusami's blast sneeze alice. It is figured out that Natsume was not the real contestant and was a fake, but no one knew it was him.



New Characters


New Alices

Kusami- Blast Sneeze Alice

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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