Gakuen Alice Chapter 083 jp

Title- Cosplay

Date- ?

Volume 15

Previous Chapter → 082 and Volume 14

Next Chapter → 084


The other contestants are worried what the cosplay machine will do to them after seeing Hotaru in her codfish costume. Jinno goes first and scares everyone dressed in a rebellious outfit. The second person is Tono who gets a pirate outfit, which would of been easy to run if he wasn't attached to a weight. Ruka's team the white team are trouble, because their runner is in a volcano costume. Misaki gets the swimsuit cosplay and everyone is appalled.She hits Tsubasa when he kept staring at her and tells him to take the baton. After this Hotaru makes it to Natsume and weakly throws the baton at him. The next stage requires that the competitors must pass a huge pond. Kitsumne easily passes using his flying alice,Tsubasa on the other hand,uses his shadow to pass through.He proudly shows off his victory but is humiliated when Natsume hits him with a pole he used to cross over the pond.Sakurano gets through by using his Telepotation Alice.Only Ruka is left,he calls his eagle which carries him over the pond. The last stage is to take an animal to the finish line.Ruka falls on the way and gets hurt on his foot.He looks at Mikan and remembers that he has to win her love,so he continues the race.The competitors pick out chits to determine which animal they would have to take. Nastume gets Piyo, Tsubasa a monkey, Kistune Mr. Bear, Sakurno a pig, unnamed contestant snake, and Ruka a mechanical horse. All the contestants have trouble with their animals, but Ruka gains the mechanical horse's trust with the help of the other animals and wins.Thus,Ruka wins the competition.He looks over at Mikan who smiles at him and he is happy because for the first time he is number one in her eyes. The two go spend time together.Natsume appears to be dissapointed with that but Luna tells Natsume to let the two have their time since they will be torn apart eventually because according to destiny,it is inevitable for Natsume to end up with Mikan.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

When Misaki goes through the cosplay door she comes out dressed up as Lum from the famous series 'Urusei Yatsura' by Rumiko Takahashi.

Unanswered Questions

What is Luna's alice? What 'birth secrets' of Mikan is Luna hiding?

Memorable Moments


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