Gakuen Alice Chapter 082 jp

Title- Commencing the Sports Festival

Date- June 20th, 2007

Volume 14

Previous Chapter → 081

Next Chapter → 083 and Volume 15


Natsume is upset about Mikan lying to him. Nevertheless,the Sports Festival begins and after a few minor events the Obstacle Race begins. The teams are split into groups with Tsubasa, Misaki Harada, and Noda on Red A. Tono, Youichi, and Sakurano on Red B. Jinno, Mikan, and Kitsuneme on Red C. The White Team also split and consists of Natsume, Hotaru, and Anonymous A on White A, Suizune, Narumi, and Anonymous B on White B. Ruka, Sumire, and Anonymous XXX on White C.Natsume and Ruka are both shown,each saying in his mind that they don't want to lose the competition for Mikan's attention. At the start of the race the obstacle are hurdles and Sumire and Mikan easily past it. The second stage is to ride a ball to the next stage, Sumire has trouble catching hers, while Narumi and Jinno use their experience to their advantage. Mikan then makes a comeback by literally running over the competition with a giant ball. The next runners have to go over a plant mountain and all contestants are able to past it with their alices or using a opportunity to escape when someone uses their alice. The Second stage is the cosplay door and Hotaru goes in first and dresses as a codfish.



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