Gakuen Alice Chapter 081 jp

Title- Red and White

Date- June 5th, 2007

Volume 14

Previous Chapter → 080

Next Chapter → 082


Tsubasa confronts Natsume, Ruka, and Hotaru and asks why they were in such a hurry.The three all call him names concerning hairstyles and tell him that Mikan was caught by the Student Police. He asks them if they have a plan, which they don't. Meanwhile Mikan and Hijiri, the physical representative president are having a conservation saying that he was told to save Mikan by a certain someone and that he will take care of everything.Mikan ponders upon who the person that asked to save her was.(It was the High School Principal) Tsubasa and Natsume have a private conversation but it is evesdropped by Hotaru and Ruka.Tsubasa states that he was transfered to the dangerous ability class and that he can't tell Mikan, because he is worried that she will blame herself.They also talk about a mission concerning the capture of Yuka Azumi and Tsubasa says that it isn't surprising about the school being after Mikan since she is Yuka's daughter. The sports festival starts and Mikan and Tsubasa reunite and she tells him how worried she was and how much she missed him. A rumor the spreads that Mikan got out of her punishment by showing the Student Police her underwear, which makes Natsume jealous and asks her directly if she did.Mikan is shocked that he believes in the rumor but before she was about to thell him the truth,she remembers Luna's threat and tells Natsume that it isn't any of his business. Natsume,still not satisfied tells Mikan that she had been acting strange ever since the incident with the flying sports objects and asks her what went on between herself and Luna the same day. Although Mikan didn't want to shove Natsume away,she tells him that he shouldn't bother about her because they were no longer partners and he meant nothing to her anymore. Natsume futher asks that whether his worrying about her was a nuisance to which she reluctantly replied that it was.



New Characters

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Memorable Moments

Tsubasa is back!!


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