Gakuen Alice Chapter 079 jp

Title- Supicious Shadows

Date- April 20th, 2007

Volume 14

Previous Chapter → 078

Next Chapter → 080


After seeing Natsume leave with Luna, Mikan is uneasy and jealous. To make matters worse, Narumi assigns Luna to be Natsume's new partner which makes her even more jealous. Mikan tries to let go of the matter by focusing on the Sports Festival. Misaki then trys to talk to Narumi about his wrist and asks why he made Natsume Luna's partner, but Narumi leaves. Ruka, confused by Natsume's actions, follows him and Luna in the hallway. When Luna holds Natsume's arm, Natsume insults her and tells her that she is pissing him off. In retaliation, she slaps him and says he is pissing her off and calls him a bastard. She then compares his red eyes to his dead mother and says that because his mother was who she was then, she will forgive him.She grabs his arm and sinisterly tells him that they should leave.Ruka who saw the whole scene feels uneasy. It was  time for the sports festival practice and the rules were that all students were allowed to use their alice for a maximum of three times and if the rules were disobeyed,student would be punished and points from the student's team would be taken. Also the students would be given a counter sticker to count the use of their alice. After the rules were explained, much to Mikan's dismay, Subaru takes her away from the enemies, but is quickly told that even if her friends are her enemies she shouldn't worry. Mikan sees Natsume on the opposing team with Luna and stares at him, but quickly looks away when he notices her. As they are preparing for the competitions, some students talk about Luna being around Natsume. They then turn on Mikan and tell her that she wants to harm Luna, which offends Mikan that they would say such a thing while Hotaru notices some strange bite marks on the students' necks. Suddenly all the sports materials fly everywhere. Natsume is worried about this and searches for Mikan, who is pulled into a shed by Luna, who has a sinister smile on her face. 



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