Gakuen Alice Chapter 076 jp

Title- The Best Rainbow

Date- February 20th, 2007

Volume 13

Previous Chapter → 075

Next Chapter → 077 and Volume 14


A student from Mikan's class named Hoshino will be leaving the school, because his alice type was childhood so he no longer has his weather alice. Mikan and her class are sad about his departure, but he writes down countless times that he is not sad to leave and that they shouldn't be sad. At his going away party at the special ability class Hoshino accepts everyone's alice stone, but Mikan's stone because he felt that someone else would be needing it more(Natsume). That night Hoshino gets a fever, because of the all events happening and of his parents. Sumire tells Mikan that when someone loses their alice its sometimes shameful to the family, which gets Mikan thinking his family won't come. While at Central Town Mikan meets Hoshino and he writes about him wanting to make a rainbow. He writes that he will need to be feeling bliss and by using his alice stone he hopes to make it. When he leaves his ill mother arrives and he is able to make his rainbow.



New Characters

Hoshino Hoshino

New Alices

Hoshino- weather alice

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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