Gakuen Alice Chapter 075 jp

Title- Graduation

Date- February 5th, 2007

Volume 13

Previous Chapter → 074

Next Chapter → 076


The second band is Sumire's team which Jinno prefers over Mikan's band team to play graduation cermoney. Mikan and her friends are disappointed by this sudden decision. Later on, Mikan and her friends help Yura move to the middle school dorm. It is said that this dispute between the two bands has been putting a strain on everyone's friendship and Yura does a deviation to check on this. While looking through some photo albums it's learned that Sumire met Koko in kindegarten and that she changed him into what he is now when they were partners. She did this because when he first came to the academy, Koko was anit-social and never smiled, but Sumire got onto him and told him to smile more. Mikan leaves the dorm for a walk and meets up with Ruka and Natsume, who are starting fireworks. She tells them of her feelings about the strain on their class and Natsume tells he to let Sumire do what she wants. However, Mikan comes up with a plan to sneak in and play with Sumire's band, which everyone agrees. At the graduation, however, eveyone is dumbfounded to see that Sumire's band has built a robot to play all the instruments. Sumire is embarrassed that she chose to use it but is determined to look good in front of everyone. However, the robot breaks down and her band is unable to continue playing. Mikan and the rest of Class B step up on stage and play with her band, and they put on a good show and receive a proud applause from everyone. Koko, realizing that Sumire regretted fighting with her friends, apologizes to her for saying bad things to her earlier and Sumire gives a non-apologitic apology. After Koko and Sumire make up, the graduation goes on with no other issue. The chapter ends with Narumi and Class B posing for a class picture.



New Characters

New Alice

Name Unknown- Piano Alice

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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