Gakuen Alice Chapter 074 jp

Title- Graduation Preparations

Date- January 20th, 2007

Volume 13

Previous Chapter → 073

Next Chapter → 075


It is time for graduation, but Mikan and the rest of Class B have one more year of elementary school. Mikan finds out that Yura Otonashi, the oldest member of Class B, is graduating and will become a middle school student. Wanting to congradulate her and wish her the best of luck, Mikan suggests that they make a band to play at the graduation. Everyone is intially against it and thinks it is a stupid idea, but some think it would make Yura happy, so everyone agrees to go along with it. Sumire puts herself in charge of the band because she claims is a better musician than the rest of the class. This may true due to the fact that Mikan can only play the recorder and Natsume has no musical talent at all. She assigns them all instruments that they can handle and orders them to practice with their instruments with no breaks until they have mastered them. This makes everyone unhappy and dislike her for bossing them around. Eventually, Koko decides to quit and after the class expresses their negative feelings to Sumire she leaves. After the failed attempt by Mikan to get Sumire back, the class has a fun time playing a song together. lincho then finds a song sheet expressing that Sumire was caring about them. The class is then told that they can't play by Jinno, because Sumire has formed a second band with her friends and that Class B didn't reach the standard needed.



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