Gakuen Alice Chapter 073 jp

Title- Valentines Day

Date- December 19th, 2006

Volume 13

Previous Chapter → 072

Next Chapter → 074


Valentines Day has come to Gakuen Alice and it is learned that girls give the boys chocolates with side effects. Tsubasa dreads this event and tell Mikan that it is a scary event for all the popular boys in school.Mikan is excited and when asked who she will make chocolates for,she says for everyone. Ruka hears this and looks troubled while Natsume gives her a side glance. After the girls are done making them they find that the boys are hiding from them. Mikan stays in the classroom making a list of who to give her chocolates to and runs into Ruka who is hiding from girls.She notices Ruka's rabbit ears which he got after being forced to eat someone's chocolates. Since more girls are approaching,both Mikan and Ruka hide under a dek. Mikan then gets over her nervousness around Ruka and gives him chocolates to which he happily accepts and they both leave.Mikan drops a packet of her chocolates and Natsume who was evesdropping on their entire converstaion from the roof takes the dropped chocolates which Mikan had earlier and eats it in order to be the first one to eat her chocolates and not Ruka(Refer to Mikan's and Ruka's earlier conversation). Later Mikan finds Tono, Tsubasa, and Megane hiding. They pull Mikan with them each revealing to her their various side effects from eating chocolates(Tsubasa had a snake-hand,Megane had a clover on his head and Tono had a pig's snout and was phtographed by a student of the school's newspaper). The boys are found and are chased by the girls.Mikan is running along with them and Natsume and Ruka are headed the same way as they are also chased by girls. While running Natsume notices a girl aiming a chocolate at Mikan. He protects her by catching the chocolate but unfortunately,another chocolate is thrown directly ay his mouth and he is immediately effected by it. The chocolate's effect was for Natsume to have great affection for someone and that someone was Tsubasa who is embarrassed when he is hugged by Natsume. Mikan is then seen moping that no one wants her chocolates and bumps into Narumi. While with him she notices familar black marks on Narumi's hand, but he ensures her that it is nothing to worry about. The school paper is published and put up on the notice board. Tono is embarrassed that his pig snout picture was on it and Natsume hits Tsubasa after seeing their awkward picture.



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