Gakuen Alice Chapter 072 jp

Title- Alice Stones/Alice Stones Game (Note: Two parts to this chapter)


Volume 13

Previous Chapter → 071

Next Chapter → 073


Mikan finds a stone that follows her and shows it to her class; later learned to be Sakurano's. Concidentaly the classes lesson is to make alice stones and Narumi along with Tono will be teaching them how to. Tono is fomally introduced to the class,Mikan is surprised to see him. He gets annoyed when Kokoroyomi,Hotaru and Natsume call him names .Mikan then shows the stone she found earlier to Tono who tells her that it is a teleportion alice stone that was made with a lot of feelings to which both Natsume and Ruka show a bewildered look. When the class talks about exchanging alice stones Mikan remembers promising that she and Ruka would exchange alice stones and feels awkward about it since she knew that exchanging alice stones is like proposing to one another. She also remembers that she promised Natsume that she would give him her alice stone. After the class finishes making their alice stones they decide to play a game involving them randomly choosing someone to exchange alice stones with. Everyone but Mikan is eager about the game, since no one would want Mikan's alice stone.However,after alot of thought Mikan decides to give her alice stone to Natsume, since he would need it the most and her alice always seemed to work best when it involved him.When the lights are turned off,everyone grabs the one closest to them.Mikan uses the telepotation alice stone to get to Natsume and he is shocked. When the lights are turned back on,Mikan tells Natusme that getting to him was her main motive so that she could give him her alice stone. Feeling a little embarrassed,she quickly leaves to see what her other friends are doing saying that she was glad to have given her stone to him. Natsume is touched by this. That night Mikan finds a large red alice stone. She wonders whether it belongs to Natsume but does not confirm it.



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