Gakuen Alice Chapter 069 jp

Title- The Main Article

Date- October 5th, 2006

Volume 12

Previous Chapter → 068

Next Chapter → 070


Mikan and her friends are finally out of the place. They meet up with Tono. Tono hears that Persona had used his Alice. Tsubasa asks if Tono can help Mikan using his Alice. Tono says that's stupid and that he can't do anything. The best place is the hospital but Persona's Alice isn't an something that can be healed easily so the hospital might not help.

Everyone looked a little bit depressed but then Tono said that Hotaru's brother might help. It seems that Hotaru's brother was harmed by a monster in the "Junior High Underground Basement". The Monster is Persona.

So they went to find Hotaru's brother. Sakurano was there with Hotaru's brother. Hotaru's brother was disgusted when he saw them. (They were all dirty) Anyway, Imai-san (Hotaru's Brother) just quickly asked Tono to help and start exam Mikan.

Imai-san said that it might not work. While they are doing that, everyone started to tell the whole story. How they entered the forbidden place and started fighting Rui and Hayate then fight Persona and saved Aoi.
Tono is seriously mad. Sakurano isn't really happy about this and wants them to get out.



New Characters

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