Gakuen Alice Chapter 068 jp

Title- The Scariest Thing


Volume 12

Previous Chapter → 067

Next Chapter → 069


Tsubasa and Youichi have finally got rid of Rui and Hayate. Youichi used his Alice and so did Tsubasa. Youichi used his ghosts to scare and hold a lamp around Rui and Hayate while Tsubasa made them freeze for 3 hours.

They have a feeling that something bad is happening. They must go to Mikan quicky!

Everyone screams Mikan's name. Mikan tell them not to come near her. Mikan thinks that her "black stuff" will spread to the others if they come to close. Persona tells her that it won't spread.

Mikan then tells Persona that she won't lose no matter what. Even if she dies. She tells everyone to run. Everyone could not believe it. Mikan says that it's okay for her to die since it's only one person. She wants everyone to be safe.

Aoi starts to think..she couldn't believe how Persona is acting.

Mikan keeps saying how she won't lose and that she won't let him hurt her friends.

Aoi then steps up. She asks Persona to stop. Persona tells her to go away.

Persona then goes really really mad and tells her to get out of his sight. He then uses his Alice on her but Mikan took the hit instand of Aoi. Mikan Pushes Persona and thinking, I won't let you hurt other people anymore!.



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