Gakuen Alice Chapter 066 jp

Title- Basement Prisoner


Volume 12

Previous Chapter → 065

Next Chapter → 067


Meanwhile, Mikan and her friends, Hotaru and Ruka have stopped. The hall splits into three hallways. They finally decide to each take a path but Ruka is worried about this. Mikan and Hotaru then ask if Ruka was scared but he replied, "I...I am NOT scared!". Mikan and Hotaru said, "Really, Ru-chan?" Hotaru then told everyone that if they found Natsume, contact the others using the panda headphones.

Mikan walks down the stairs and seems to be a little tired/scared. Mikan sees something like a cage and thought she saw someone. Mikan takes a look around and then a hand taps her.

She finds Aoi, Natsume's sister, in a dark passage and Aoi seems to have lost some of her memory and talks about Persona in a a fond way, saying he is misunderstood and her only friend. Later, when Mikan reunites with the group, the group feels as if everything around them is cold. Nobara is the creating the cold, but then seeing Mikan, starts crying and saying that she doesn't want Mikan to see her like this and runs away.



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