Gakuen Alice Chapter 065 jp

Title- Natsume's Past 3


Volume 12

Previous Chapter → 064 and Volume 11

Next Chapter → 066


Natsume tells everyone that he was responsible for the fire that burned down the village. Narumi says that Natsume is too young to be criminally tried for the incident due to that he is only eight-years-old. The second best choice for him is to enroll him in the academy. Ruka tries to stop Natsume from going, but Natsume punches him and orders him to stay away. Natsume is taken away by Narumi and Misaki. Ruka wants to stop him, but his mother holds him back and tells him that this is Natsume's decision. Ruka realizes that Natsume took responsibility for the fire in order to protect Aoi from being taken away. Wanting to be there for Natsume, Ruka makes the difficult decision of going to the academy himself. Ruka's mother finds him packing his bags and realizes what he plans to do. She cries, but decides not to contest his decision because she knows he needs to be there to support his best friend. The next day, Natsume is getting ready to leave for the academy. He finds Ruka in the car waiting for him, and says he will be going with him. As they are about to leave, Natsume's father, although injured, tries to stop Natsume from going, but fails. Natsume cries for the first time, and Ruka comforts him by telling him that they will stay strong together.

After finishing telling Natsume's story, Mikan is enraged of how much Natsume has suffered at the hands of Persona and the academy. she had once saw something good in it but no sees the cruelty of it. She vows that she will never forgive Persona for all the bad things he has done to Natsume. She tells Ruka that they need to to hurry to natsume and help him, as his friends.



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