Gakuen Alice Chapter 064 jp

Title- Natsume's Past 2


Volume 11

Previous Chapter → 063

Next Chapter → 065 and Volume 12


To protect aoi from being taken away by the academy, Natsume announces that he was responsible for the fire that destroyed the town. Ruka is shocked by this. The teachers tell him that because of his age, it would be inpossible for him to be put in a prison for the fire, so the best option would be to put him in the academy. Natsume doesn't want to go to the academy, but knows that it would be trouble to Aoi if he refuses, so he agrees to go. Once word reached the residents, they resent him, throwing things at him and calling him names. Ruka tries to defend him, but Natsume punches him and tells him to go away. Ruka is told by his mother that Natsume did this to protect Ruka from be ostracized as well. Persona approaches Aoi and treats her with kindness to win her trust. Feeling guilty for not being able to help Natsume, Ruka makes a decision to go to the academy with natsume, against his mother's wishes. His mother cries but comes to understand Ruka's feelings and that she needs to let him go. On the day of their departure, Natsume is surprised to see Ruka going with him. Natsume's father begs him not to go and falls as they leave. Natsume cries for the first time. Ruka, who was also crying, holds Natsume's hand and they make a pact to stay strong. Ruka tells Mikan and the others that that was the reason why Natsume has suffered so much and made sacrifices. Mikan is enraged and says that she can never forgive Persona for making Natsume suffer this much. Mikan tells Ruka and Hotaru that they must get to Natsume as soon as possible.



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