Gakuen Alice Chapter 063 jp

Title- Natsume's Past 1


Volume 11

Previous Chapter → 062

Next Chapter → 064


Soon after finding the stone, Aoi becomes mysteriously ill with a bad fever. Natsume and Ruka don't know what to make of her illness, neither does Natsume's father. Elsewhere, a group of teachers (including Narumi, Misaki, and Persona) have been visiting the Hyuuga residence to persuade Natsume to enroll in the academy. Persona is most determined, saying that it is in Natsume's best interest that he enroll in the academy. Natsume and Ruka leave the house for a few moments to find whatever can help Aoi's illness. It isn't long before the stone Aoi has makes her Fire Alice go out of control and set their town on fire. The boys rush back to the house to save Aoi, the father also goes to save her. They escape, but with injuries. Once the fire was diminished, there were no fatalities, but lots of people were injured and lost their possessions and homes. Natsume and Ruka escaped with minor injuries, but aoi was left blind and their father was critically injured. Because of the nature of the fire, the teachers, who came to the hospital to check on the family, say that the authorities will find this to be an arson and not an accident. To protect Aoi from being taken away, Natsume lies and says that he was responsible for the fire, shocking Ruka.



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