Gakuen Alice Chapter 062 jp

Title- Unexpectations


Volume 11

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Ruka takes the moment to tell Natsume's past to Mikan and the others. In a flashback, when he was eight years old, Ruka grew up feeling like a caged bird to his overprotective mother. For several years, Ruka had been targeted by the academy, and had already gone through three attempted kidnappings, causing his mother to hire 24 hour bodyguards and keep Ruka inside. At school, he meets Natsume, who had enrolled after moving around so much with his father and younger sister. Natsume learns that Ruka is an alice after some girls tell him, which makes Ruka run away in embarrassment. He is almost kidnapped until Natsume saves him and uses his Fire Alice on the person. They talk afterwards. Natsume admitts that he too is an Alice and that's why he had moved so many times. Natsume lives with his father and sister, Aoi, who is one year younger than him. Natsume says that his mother died when he was very young. He further goes to say that all but his late mother possessed the Fire Alice, even though his father and sister's Alice are weak. Ruka feels comfortable with Natsume after their conversation, especially after Natsume teases him by calling him "Ru-chan", which is what a lot of people call him. Ruka wants to be friends with natsume, but Natsume is reluctant because he never had a friend in every town he lived in for a short time. Netherless, Ruka visits him later on and they bond even more. Ruka also befriends Aoi. One night, when Ruka is spending the night, Natsume tells Ruka that his parents were Anti-Gakuen Alice activists, and he and his family believe that someone was behind his mother's death. Before everyone goes to sleep, Aoi finds a mysterious stone by the window and falls asleep with it.



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