Gakuen Alice Chapter 060 jp

Title- Hanahime Den Soldiers


Volume 11

Previous Chapter → 059

Next Chapter → 061


Hotaru's egg mask is broken and Hayate becomes infatuated with her looks.Hayate then starts asking a bunch questions to Hotaru which freaks everyone to ignoring him. Rui arrives on the scene, because he sensed a bishouen, that or someone marked by him. Meanwhile Natsume is fighting the remaining guy from the dangerous ability class. Rui starts his search for the bishouen, but Youichi interrupts him. Rui recognizes that this Youichi, because Youichi is stealing his negative energy. This is in vain since the Hana Hime Den is full of negative energy which is stated by Rui. Youichi then tells everyone to run, because Rui has the curse alice. Youichi starts gathering negative energy using his alice and attacks Hayate and Rui. Hayate angry at this uses his air alice to attack Youichi, but Mikan saves Youichi with her nullification getting injured. Rui recognizes Mikan as Natsume partner and says that Natsume will be locked in Hana Hime Den forever. He also talks about Natsume recklessness to search for his sister. Tsubasa shows up at the end of the chapter stopping Rui's attack.



New Characters

New Alices

Curse Alice

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Hayate's childhood TV show 'Beautiful Soldiers Five Colors" may be a reference to Sailor Moon.

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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