Gakuen Alice Chapter 058 jp

Title: Out of the Ordinary


Volume 10

Previous Chapter → 057

Next Chapter → 059 and Volume 11


The girls lock Mikan and Yo-chan inside a closet together. Mikan tries screaming but then she is told people rarely come throught this hallway. When the girls return, they find Hotaru and Luca worried about Mikan, Yo-chan, and Natsume because they are all gone. they tell them that Mikan wanted to go home and she left. Of course Hotaru didn't believe what they were saying, so her and Luca went to go look for Mikan.

Then You-chan got out candy and gave one piece to Mikan and another to himself. Mikan's candy was stolen by a mouse and she got extremely upset. that is when Hotaru and Luca realized they heard Mikan and freed them from the closet. When they opened the door, Yo-chan was standing up 10 years older! Hotaru realizes that You-chan had previously stolen Guliver candy from her and must have eaten it. You-chan, with the mind of three year old and the body of a teenager, joked around with Mikan and tried jumping on her back. The girls are then punished, but Mikan announces it is alright and she forgives them. They all then hug her to the ground unfortuantly crushing her.

Then they start discussing why the princess is so wierd. They then tell Mikan that she is the owner of the strongest barrier alice, and in the unintroduced areas she keeps Persona hidden. This shock Luca, and he is instantly worried about Natsume who still hasn't returned. The scene then changes to Natsume who is traveling down a dark corrdidor. In front of him sits a girl who seems to be Nobara.



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