Gakuen Alice Chapter 057 jp

Title: A Bad Feeling


Volume 10

Previous Chapter → 056

Next Chapter → 058


It starts with Hotaru suddenly breaking apart from Luca, meaning the effect wore off. Natsume sees this and frees Mikan from his grasp. Then the princess suddenly begins explaining that she will give Natsume a flower name that implies he is a deliquent. Everyone in the room agrees with this saying it fits him perfectly. Luca's flower name is then decided and it stands for sunflower colored hair. Mikan gets excited and asks everyone what her and yo-chan's name will be. They ignore her and say the party has begun.

Misaki and Tsubasa are talking outside when they feel like someone is following them. The girl in the hood approaches them, when it goes back to Mikan. They are havin a banquet and Mikan is starving. She tries to eat but all of the girls take her food and give it to Hotaru. they then feed her a weird medicine that makes her smell bad, they then start calling her smelly girl. They then start to play games and each time Mikan is forced to lose causing her to have to do embarrsing things. When they are ready to play the next game, she realizes they don't like her. Natsume disappears and no one lets Mikan play so she sits on the corner alone, hungry and lonely. When natsume reappears he gives her food and says the sounds of her stomach growling was annoying him. then he went on to explain that the smell of perfume is far worse then the bitter smell of medicine. In a few seconds he got rid of all her worries. He then once again leaves to use the restroom. On his way out, the princess warns him that if he sets his foot anywhere other than where he was introduced, it can't be her fault if something happens.

While Natsume is searching for the bathrooms he sees Yuki and follows her. She starts walking down a stair case as he eagerly follows her. Mikan is waiting for Natsume with Yo-chan, when a couple girls approach her. They ask her to help them with the desserts and lead her and yo-chan to a room. She walks in and the girls close the door behind her. It is pitch black and the girls announce that an unfit girl, such as Mikan, should never have shown her face here.



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