Gakuen Alice Chapter 056 jp

Title: Hanazono Parties


Volume 10

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Next Chapter → 057


In order for Mikan and Hotaru to go, the boys are forced to cross dress as girls. Once they are done getting dressed Mikan makes a comment about Natsume not looking as gay as she thought he would. As punishment he hits her in the head. Right before the leave for the junior high, Mikan makes a decision that as soon as they arrive she will let go of Natsume's hand. (They are still pretending to be stuck together.) Natsumi also warns all of them that the principal is very moody and they need to be careful because of this.

Then at the junior high, the principal is talking with the other girls about Natsume and two other boys having to attend. She doesn't like it and states that she hates boys and that they trample all over her flower garden.

Once Mikan, Hotaru, Natsume, Luka, and everyone else arrive they are escorted inside. Rigth away everyone recgonizes Natsume and then realize Luca is a boy as well. Then Mikan sees Nobara and they instantly try to approach each other. Of course Natsume, still holding Mikan, pulls her away. When Nobara sees him, she is dumbfounded and they start to leave. Nobara yells after them saying Natsume can't be here and Mikan should take him away.

When they arrive and meet the princess, she seems very happy to see all of them. Then she begins placing out "flower names" for Hotaru. Mikan is very delighted to be there but none of the boys seem very happy.



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