Gakuen Alice Chapter 055 jp

Title - Stuck Together


Volume 10

Previous Chapter → 054

Next Chapter → 056


Natsume refuses to let go of Mikan's hand, leaving Mikan in a state of confusion and shock. He indirectly threatens her that if she moved, he would kill her. The group were also discussing if Mikan and Horatu would be able to attend the Hana Hime ball. While having a meal, Mikan gets annoyed at Natsume and lays her head on the table. When Ruka asks if she was alright, she thinks, "Hotaru-chan is so lucky... She's stuck together with Ruka-pyon. He's so gentle... If I were stuck with Ruka-pyon, I wouldn't be suffering so much." When Koko accidentally reads out her thoughts, he asks, "Are you saying compared to Natsume, you like Ruka-pyon more?" and she answers "Yeah." But right after that she yells at them not to misunderstand what she said. When it was time to sleep, Mikan and Natsume were sleeping in his room (he didn't want to sleep in a cramped, one star room). After Natsume insulted her, he said he was sorry that he wasn't Ruka. Telling her that the "act" would be done tomorrow, he falls asleep. In Hotaru's room, she questions if Natsume and Mikan's hands were actually stuck together. She also asks Ruka if he knew the reason for it. Back in Natsume's room, as he was asleep he was thinking of Aoi. He starts coughing and suddenly grabs Mikan close. He tells her to keep quiet as she was being too noisy, and tells her that he'll return her to Ruka tomorrow. With no choice, she falls asleep in that position but when she wakes up, she finds herself holding Natsume instead. They then receive a parcel from the Middle School Principal that exceptions were made, allowing Natsume, Youichi and Ruka to attend the Hana Hime ball.... as women.



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