Gakuen Alice Chapter 053 jp

Title- New Year; Mikan's Birthday

Date- January 7th, 2008

Volume 10

Previous Chapter → 052 and Volume 09

Next Chapter → 054


Mikan's class is celebrating New Years. It is also Mikan's birthday, though the class seems like they are unaware about this, even when she gives them hints. While handing out greeting cards from their familes, it is learned that Ruka and Natsume were childhood friends and they are connected to someone named Aoi. When she notices that he hasn't gotten any, Mikan asks Natsume why he didn't get any mail from his family. He doesn't respond and some of Mikan's classmates accuse her of being selfish for asking him. Hurt by their words, Mikan takes a walk outside and meets Narumi, who gives her flowers and a card for her birthday, and a card from her grandfather. Mikan cries, thanks Narumi, and tells him that no one remembered her birthday but him and her grandfatherl. Narumi tells her not to worry and cheers her up. Back in the building, Natsume watches them from a window and looks at them with a troubled expression and has a mysterious bag in hand(This contains Natsume's alice stone which he was intending to give to Mikan as a birthday present) .Feeling better, Mikan tells Narumi that she likes him. In a suspicious manner, Narumi tells Mikan that he likes her too. Mikan notices that Narumi's left hand is very warm, which Narumi brushes off with an innocent explaination. Then Mikan's classmates arrive, worried that they made her sad for pretending to forget about her birthday. It turns out that they were planning a surprise birthday party and pretended to forget her birthday so she wouldn't find out. All this was Hotaru's idea and she justifies it by saying she prefers Mikan crying while smiling, which makes everyone think weird of her. Overjoyed that they remembered and came looking for her, Mikan embraces some of her friends.



New Characters

  • Aoi Hyūga - read about in Ruka's greeting card from his family.

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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