Gakuen Alice Chapter 052 jp

Title: Part 1 - Graffiti

Part 2 - Omake ~ Recollecting the Past


Volume 09

Previous Chapter → 051

Next Chapter → 053 and Volume 10


Mikan, Natsume, and Ruka see a ghostly figure approaching them in the dark, muttering for Mikan. Mikan and Ruka are scared to death and run away. Natsume, however, is not scared and kicks the person. After the lights are turned back on, the person turns out to be Nobara who was wet and injured for walking in the snowstorm. Natsume is surprised to see her. He demands to know why she is here after he told her to leave Mikan alone. Nobara tells Natsume that the person Mikan danced with and knocked off her mask was the Elementary School Principle, which shocks him. Soon after, Mikan learns that the person was Nobara and they hug. She and several other students are assigned to clean up rooms. One of which, they discover photo albums of Narumi and Misaki as teenagers from their school days. Pictures Mikan's friends from their early childhood are also found. In a photo album that belongs to narumi, Mikan finds several pictures of a man and a woman who's faces are obscured. Remembering that there was a woman from Narumi's school days that he had loved, Mikan assumes that the woman in the pictures is the girl he loved. Everyone then finds an umbrella triangle with "Sensei" and "Yuka" on it. This is considered a forbidden love relationship, as student and teacher relationships are not allowed in the academy; one student remembers a rumor about a teacher who got fired for having a relationship with a student (which turns out to be false. Look into Time Travel arc). everyone exchanges information about how common it is for Alices to marry each other. This makes Mikan curious about her parents. Subconciously, she writes her name under the umbrella triangle, as if indicating she is the child of the couple who wrote it. Everyone else writes on the wall for fun and decide not to wash it off, as it is a good memory for them.



New Characters

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