Gakuen Alice Chapter 051 jp

Title: Big Clean Up Day


Volume 09

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Next Chapter → 052


3 days after the Christmas party, it is the Big Clean Up Day and there is a snowstorm outside. Mikan and her classmates are assigned to clean up their classroom. Mikan is still mesmerized by her kiss with Natsume and confused by her moment with Ruka. Hotaru can easily see this and teases her over it. Mikan is so shy around Natsume and Ruka that she avoids looking at them, but they look seriously at her. During a break, Hotaru suggested to have a scary story competition. Mikan starts to get scared of the stories. Jinno orders Mikan, Natsume, and Ruka to work together in cleaning, which makes them feel uncomfortable. To break the silence, Natsume tells Mikan that there's a ghost under her feet, whcih makes her scream. He then orders her not to ignore Ruka. Then Ruka asked "Whose fault do you think it is, Natsume?" Natsume replied "both of you". Then suddenly there's a black out. In the middle of the darkness, a ghostly person appears, muttering for Mikan. Mikan, Natsume, and Ruka sit together and wait for the lights to get fixed. She feels uncomfortable with them and the silence. Seeing her scared, Ruka asked Mikan if she is alright and she answered yes. All of a sudden, both Natsume and Ruka held her hand (Natsume held her right and Ruka held her left) to comfort her. When they notice each other holding her hands, both boys laughed over what their doing and that they confused Mikan. Natsume mentioned that Ruka also has a terrible taste in women and Ruka says the same thing to Natsume. Ruka tells Natsume, "I won't lose", and Natsume replies, "I was never intending to win in the first place", but Ruka doesn't believe him. Mikan thinks that the two boys are just trying to cheer her up and laughs with them, saying this is great. Suddenly the ghostly person appears in front of them, looking and calling for Mikan.



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