Gakuen Alice Chapter 043 jp

Title: Living By Tiny Courage


Volume 08

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Next Chapter → 044


Penguin flattens his body to go under the fallen debris to retrieve Hotaru's cure. Mikan happily thanks Penguin for his effort and even Natsume praises him in his own way. However, a quake causes the floor to split and Mikan falls in, but she is saved by Ruka . On the other hand, Penguin is hanging on for its life. While shielding Mikan from falling debris Tsubasa becomes injured. Mikan along with the help of Tsubasa try to help Penguin. However, Mikan's hand can't reach Penguin. As this goes on Penguin remembers what Hotaru told it about being a protecter and Mikan thinking he is also a sign of Hotaru's protection. After much thought Penguin lets go and falls down happy that he knows that doing this will help the group move forward. Back at the school Hotaru has awoken and knows of Penguin's sacrifice. The group are now in the woods outside of the now destroyed Z base. Mikan is very sadden by Penguin's sacrifice and wants to go back. Tsubasa then tries to explain to Mikan about why Penguin sacrificed itself and comforts her.

The group are back at school and Mikan has awoken to see Tono, Sakurano, and Subaru are with her. Subaru is healing both Natsume and Tsubasa. Tono hugs Mikan and is glad she is back. Mikan goes to Subaru and asks him to give the cure to Hotaru mentioning that Penguin gave its life to get this cure for Hotaru. They are told to return to their dorms as the teachers won't be happy about there journey. At Hotaru's hospital room Subaru gives Hotaru the cure saying that everyone worked hard to get it. Outside Tono and Tsubasa are discussing "That Woman" and Narumi's connection to her.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

  • Why are Tono and Tsubasa discussing "That Woman" and what does it have to do with Narumi?

Memorable Moments


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