Gakuen Alice Chapter 039 jp

Title- Tormenting Secrets


Volume 07

Previous Chapter → 038

Next Chapter → 040


Leaving off from last chapter Tsubasa Ando had just witnessed Natsume Hyūga coughing up blood. Tsubasa is worried about Natsume, seeing that his life shortening Alice reminds him of his friend, Kaname Sonō. Natsume glares at Tsubasa and threatens that he not to tell Ruka or Mikan what he saw. Natsume answers Tsubasa's question that he has been doing the school's undercover work in this condition for a year. Natsume goes back to sleep and leaves Tsubasa perplexed.

Back at the school Misaki-sensei knows that Narumi is planning to sneak out of school, so he offers Narumi to have a drink with him. Narumi finds his friendly behavior suspicious. To escape Narumi takes his alice restrainting earring off (Misaki-sensei took anti-pheromone medicine) and kisses Misaki-sensei to knock him out. Elsewhere Z are discussing "Medusa" who guards the mountain with the ability to create stone. They take another route instead of the pre planned route, since its the fastest way to get an antidote for Ishimori.

Its morning now for Mikan's group and they depart to find the warp hole that will take them to Z's hideout. Tsubasa is still very concerned about Natsume. He tries to be nice and carry Natsume, but Natsume doesn't appreciate his jester at all, which makes Ruka and Mikan confused about what's going on. At last they made it to what appears to be a cave. Natsume comically kicks Tsubasa in the cave first and everyone else follow. It turns out the cave is actually a volcano. Meanwhile Z knows there are intruders and Mihara Kanbu is introduced to the "Medusa" mentioned. Back to Mikan and everyone, Mikan is starting to hallucinate, this turns out to be from the smoke. Mihara shows the four intruders on the screen and Yuka immediately reacts to seeing Mikan. Scaling down the volcano Mikan and everyone have made out of the volcano entrance of Z, well they do slip and fall down though. They see a door and Tsubasa uses his Shadow Manipulation Alice to try to open it, but the floor cracks and a skeleton drags Mikan down into the hole.



New Characters

  • Mihara Kanbu- A member of Z and what appears to be Yuka's superior
  • Skeleton- Took Mikan away into the hole.

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

  • Mihara Kanbu's nickname "Medusa" is based around Medusa from Greek Mythology. Medusa is a monster that had the ability to change anyone to stone by just looking at her.

Unanswered Questions

  • Why did Yuka react that way when she saw Mikan?
  • Where did the skeleton take Mikan?

Memorable Moments


  • (Natsume to Tsubasa)- "You can't tell Ruka... I won't let you tell them... If you dare to say it, I'll kill you."

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