Gakuen Alice Chapter 038 jp

Title- Moonlit Talks


Volume 07

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Leaving off from the last chapter Mikan approaches Natsume asking what he is doing here. She sees that Natsume is here to get a drink of water and then realizes that she forgot that she was here at the lake to gather water for the group. Natsume tells Mikan that he couldn't stand to stay with Penguin and Shadow/Tsubasa so he left. As Natsume is thinking about Ruka's promise to Mikan, she admits that her friendship with Hotaru is similar to friendship between him and Ruka, which Natsume denies saying their is no similarity at all. Mikan notices that the mood she felt with Ruka when gazing at the moon is different with Natsume, the moon is blurry. Natsume brings up the promise she made with Ruka to exchange Alice stones. He ask her if she knows meaning behind the exchange, which Mikan doesn't.

Their is awkward silence, Mikan wonders if Natsume meant that her Alice isn't compatible with Ruka's Alice and remembers that times when her Alice was useful, realizing a pattern, that her Alice is most useful when it involves Natsume. She then breaks the silence, saying to Natusme that one day when she can create a powerful Alice stone she will give her Alice stone to him. Natsume is shocked, but then reminds her that she already arranged an exchanged with Ruka, leaving Mikan confused what to do. A array of insults are started between the two, ending with Natsume and Mikan splashing each other with water. Natsume asks Mikan if she will continue to wear her hairstyle (Mikan's pigtails) in the next five years. While holding on to one of her wet pigtails he says to Mikan that she should let her hair down. Mikan is embarrassed wondering what he means, but Natsume won't answer her. She notices that the moon she saw that was blurry is now bright and the two return to camp. They find that Ruka and Tsubasa are drunk from grapes given to them by Penguin that contained alcohol. A drunk Ruka then clings on to Mikan then lets go and falls to sleep. As everyone sleeps Tsubasa stays up as a look out. He witnesses Natsume wake up and cough furiously.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

  • Will Mikan learn about the meaning of exchanging Alice stones?
  • What's wrong with Natsume?

Memorable Moments


  • (Mikan to Natsume)- "If I grow up, and become powerful, and make a very fantastic Alice Stone, I'll give that stone to Natsume..."
  • (Natusme to Mikan)- "That hairstyle won't be suitable in five years time. Put your hair down. Put it down. It looks better that way."

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