Gakuen Alice Chapter 037 jp

Title- Clues at Hand, A Crystal in the Other


Volume 07

Previous Chapter → 036

Next Chapter → 038


Mikan unknowably uses Tono's Amplification Alice stone with her Nullification Alice to stop Penguin and Ruka from turning into to stone. At the hospital Hotaru wakes up and mutters, how useless; knowing that Penguin has gotten itself in trouble. This confusing to Misaki and the hospital staff. Narumi is then seen forcefully interrogating Tono to tell him what is exactly going on with Mikan and others. He thinks of the words, "Sorry, Naru I'm leaving", for some reason.

Back to Mikan' group, Tsubasa realizes what Mikan did and uses Tono's Alice stone to amplify his Shadow Manipulation Alice, making it easy to capture the shadow of the tree. As Tsubasa explains to Mikan about Tono's Alice stone and hers, she smiles knowing that she can protect her friends. She also looks back to conservation they had with Tono before leaving. It seems Tsubasa has the ability of a three star, but his star rank decreased, because of bad behavior.

Natsume then discovers a clue to Z's location through Ruka's animal friends. The animals are using warpholes throughout the mountain to find food. Ruka is given the task by Natsume to ask the animals to find traces of gunpowder, that should come from a gun a Z member used. In the evening the group decide to go through the possible warphole tomorrow and camp near a huge tree with a lake nearby. When Mikan and Penguin go gather water, Mikan reassures it not to take Natsume's words to heart. Penguin with determination runs back to camp with water, leaving Mikan and Ruka (who just arrived alone). Ruka thanks Mikan for saving him earlier, however Mikan thanks him for all he has done to get them this far. Ruka gives Mikan a promise that one day he will give her his Alice stone to her and Mikan replies she will give hers to him too. Ruka is overcome by a feeling of guilt, since Natsume has the same feelings toward Mikan and leaves, saying he should bring Natsume to see the scenery too. Mikan notices that Natsume was right next to them the whole time and goes to him.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


  • (Natsume to Ruka)- "So have a good rest, we'll have to rely on you tomorrow too."
  • (Mikan to Penguin)- "Penguin is a sign of Hotaru's protection! We're companion losers. So lets work hard together, okay?"
  • (Ruka to Mikan)- "If, one day, I can successfully make an Alice stone at the time I'll give it to Sakura. So when that day comes, you must accept it!"
  • (Mikan's reply)- "Then I'll give the stone I made to Ruka-pyon too. Let's exchange."

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