Gakuen Alice Chapter 036 jp

Title- Formidable Dangers


Volume 07

Previous Chapter → 035

Next Chapter → 037


Narumi figures out the classes facade while going through attendance, since Natsume (Kaoru Nendo) answered that he was here, something Natsume never does. Influenced by pheromones the class tells him everything that they know about what Mikan, Natsume, Ruka, and Tsubasa are doing. He then rushes to Mikan's room to find a shocked Misaki(whose gulliver candy wore off), in bed, dressed as Mikan Sakura.

Meanwhile, Z is aware of the group's presence, but did nothing of it, knowing that that forest's dangers will drive them out. After falling asleep because of going through the Keyhole, the group have finally awoken. Ruka resourcefully uses his Alice to have a bird survey the area. He learns that there are no houses and assumes to be a privately owned land of Z. The group decide to make a move tomorrow and camp out where they are at. Subsequently, Hotaru's robot Penguin is with them. Mikan finds this out after she looks thorough her food supply and find out that it has been eaten by Penguin. Natsume is annoyed by Penguin's appearance, yet Penguin is only here, to be a replacement for Hotaru. Mikan and Natsume argue over Penguin's presence, until Mikan agrees to take responsibility over it.

Penguin attempts to prove its worthiness by getting grapes (which turns out to contain alcohol), but ends having to saved by a monstrous plant and trees. Natsume becomes very angry from all the strange plant life attacking them and threatens to burn the whole forest down. Natsume then orders Mikan to throw Penguin away for being a troublemaker. Mikan protests, but apologizes-mentally understanding that Natsume knows what he is doing, since he has done missions such as this before. The group then comes across a tree with the alice of stone of conversion. The tree starts attacking them and Penguin falls down. Ruka saves Penguin in the nick of time from being turned to stone, but another attack follows after him and Penguin. Mikan then jumps on Ruka and Penguin to save them.



New Characters

  • Ishimori - (named) Z member along with Yuka and Shiki

New Alices

  • Tree-Stone Conversion Alice

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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