Gakuen Alice Chapter 035 jp

Title- Through the Keyhole


Volume 07

Previous Chapter → 034 and Volume 06

Next Chapter → 036


Based on what Tono said, it would seem that it is not Sakurano's spirit, but someone impersonating him. If that is so, that this fake Sakurano helped Z get through the Warphole and into the academy. Tono says that this doesn't rule Sakurano out as a suspect, and seems to have discovered something troublesome. Hayami is very reluctant to help them, and Tono has to drag him with him to the Student Council room.

Tsubasa opens the door with his shadow where they were confronted by Sakurano and Subaru Imai. Tono notices how they fit the rumored two ghosts who are always seen together. Sakurano asks why they are here. Natsume threatens him that they know the Warphole exists, and even if they are turned in they will go around confirming the truth about the Warphole, which will get Sakurano in deep trouble. Mikan takes the fault of their trespassing, responding that she wants to help Hotaru. She is upset that Sakurano won't tell her what he knows, spouting that she wonders if they are Z's spies. At Subaru, she yells that she was beginning to think that he cared for Hotaru by the way he was taking care of her condition. Sakurano replies to Mikan that there is no proof that Z came through the Warphole and gently remarks that she has the Nullification Alice.

He gives up saying that he can't stop them and will let them go on a one condition that their actions go unnoticed. Sakurano also warns Tono and Natsume especially not to found out, because they important to the school's plan. Which Natsume says he doesn't care, meaning he will go with Mikan and the others through the warphole. He says Ruka is going too and comically pushes aside that who cares if Tsubasa goes. Natsume then asks Mikan if she wants she plans to do. She says back that she wants to protect everyone with her Nullification Alice.

They went to the Warphole and Sakurano takes out a key, it turns out that the Warphole is actually a Keyhole. Natsume, Ruka, Mikan, and Tsubasa are transported into the Keyhole, but not before Tono hands Mikan his alice stone.



  • Extra- 15 year old drawling of linchou and Misaki-sensei

New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

  • How did Z get to the academy?
It has been stated that Z had either used Warphole to enter the school or Yuka and Shiki's Teleportation Alice. The pairs ability to use their Alice to enter the school is due to Himemiya loosening her Barrier Alice around the two.

Memorable Moments


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