Gakuen Alice Chapter 034 jp

Title- Gulliver's Candy


Volume 06

Previous Chapter → 033

Next Chapter → 035 and Volume 07


Mikan, Natsume, and Ruka plan to sneak into the High School Section by eating an age changing candy called, Gulliver's candy. Which will change their appearances to high schoolers. Their whole class is working together to help them appear to still be at school. They have brought someone with a alice to wrap face, are using Hotaru's hologram, and using Misaki's clone as a replacement for Mikan. Ruka asks Natsume about his misson given to him, but Natusme replies that it doesn't matter anymore.

Tsubasa and Tono are waiting for Mikan, Ruka, and Natsume to arrive. Tono bullies Tsubasa for being impatient, since the Gulliver's Candy takes time for bones to reform and to take a apporatite mindset. In the midst of their fighting a high school age Mikan arrives. Tono immediately goes to her and asks her to do it with him, but is hit by a object thrown by a high school age Natsume. Mikan is suprised at how adult like Natsume and Ruka look, even though she is the same. Natsume then grabs and holds Mikan's chest excalming that they haven't grown at all, having Mikan angrily respond by throwing things at him.

They enter the High School section where they encounter a bunch of traps intended for inturders. They finally enter the buliding and Tono tells them to act natrual. At bad timing Mikan's Gulliver's cany loses effect, returning her back to her original age. Ruka holds on to Mikan (whose weak from the change) and accidentely walk into a anit-gravity chamber. In the student counsel room Sakurano's is notified that two people have stumbled into the anit-gravity chamber. Tsubasa uses his Alice that is under the effect of Tono's Amplification to save Mikan and Ruka. A high school student is notices that their elementary students here (Mikan and now Ruka and Nasume, since their Gulliver's Candy also lost effect). This high school student uses his Ice Alice to trap them in ice, which is then easily melted by Natsume, who was secretly jealous that Mikan called for Tsubasa to help her.

At last they escape and meet Hayami, the head of Newspaper Department. He confirms that there is a warphole and tells them about a ghost that looked a lot like President Sakurano.



New Characters

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