Gakuen Alice Chapter 033 jp

Title- Things Easier Said Then Done


Volume 06

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Tono has two theories that that a few high schoolers may know the location of the wormhole and by using the wormhole Z was able to intrude into the academy. Mikan learning that Z may of used the wormhole comes up with the idea to use it to go after Z. At the classroom class B are becoming anxious about when Mikan everyone are coming back. Penguin who is also there is crying, seemingly able to understand Hotaru's pain. Elsewhere Natsume left the meeting to go to the restroom and hears the teachers converse that Hotaru won't see her parents, because of the ESP not liking the idea. Jinno then turns to Narumi and talks about his unusual behavior. Natsume leaves to see Hotaru thinking about her not being able to see her parents. Penguin happens to be seeing Hotaru. Natsume annoyed kicks Penguin waking Hotaru. She warns him that Penguin is expensive and he will pay for it. She goes on saying that he should be at Mikan's side. Class B arrives looking for Penguin and Sumire comments they have been waiting for him. Mikan breaks the news about her plan to use the wormhole to go to Z's hideout, which angers Tsubasa, and having Tono say he lied to Mikan about the wormhole. But Mikan cries, so Tono takes back that he lied. Sumire then lectures Mikan about the risks of going to Z. Mikan replies to help get the cure for Hotaru and get back Iinchou's alice. Ruka who remembers Natsume's pain and how he could do nothing to help, agrees to help Mikan find the wormhole. After this Natsume also agrees having thought about what Hotaru told him about being by Mikan's side. Nonoko and everyone also offers any help they could bring. Tono having no choice agrees to lead them in the search. Mikan who is happy now hugs Tono, but is peeled away by Natsume. Iinchou warns the group about the dangers of the High School Section. To Mikan Tono says to her that if they are unable to find it they will not try again and that he can't guarantee their safety. Penguin then reaches into his compartment and gives them Gullivers Candy.



New Characters

New Alices

  • Nurse- 25 year old with a mind reading alice.

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


  • (Nonoko about Penguin): "This child... can it feel that Hotaru-chan is going through some difficulty..."
  • (Hotaru to Natsume after kicking Penguin): "Why did you do that to Penguin? It's is very expensive... If it's damaged I'll get you to pay for it."
  • (Hotaru to Natsume): "Why are you here alone?", "The place you should be at right now is by Mikan's side!"

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