Gakuen Alice Chapter 032 jp

Title- Rumor Has It


Volume 06

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Next Chapter → 033


Fubuki tells the news about Hotaru being shot by the invaders to Narumi who in turn announces the shocking news to the students. Later Mikan and her class wait at the hospital while Hotaru is undergoing operation. After they are finished Mikan runs to Hotaru, though is told otherwise by Subaru to not have Hotaru do anything stressful. The doctor informs the teachers that the bullet did not damage and was removed the bullet, but it contained a new poison. Subaru is trying to control the poison from spreading and it becomes very serious when he talks about talking to Hotaru's family. Mikan feels guilty from having Hotaru save her and risk her own life and tries to talk to Hotaru, whose reply is mother. They are told to leave and Subaru tells them that there is no way Hotaru will improve and that Mikan can't change anything. They run into Tono and Noda and Tono hugs Mikan while telling her about her recklessness. Noda also informs Natsume about a meeting for the dangerous ability class, which worries Ruka, but Natsume says that he has to go. While leaving Natsume purposefully steps on Tono's shoes; jealous from Tono holding Mikan. Koko then tells everyone to come see Hotaru. Seeing Mikan cry she calls Mikan Pig and then goes on that she will be fine and that Mikan shouldn't cry. Mikan is upset about how Hotaru is worrying about her instead of herself when she is greatly injured. Mikan can't holds it and cries, Ruka comforts her, while nearby Natsume watches from a window waiting for the meeting to start. The next day Tsubasa who is playing Otousan scolds Mikan for causing trouble, while Tono jokely says he is Oniisan and bullies Tsubasa. Tono says that the only way is to take a cure from Z and thinks about a rumor about a Wormhole that allows someone to go anywhere undetected, but no one knows where it is or where the Exercise Book that contains the information of the entrance is.



  • 15 year old drawling

New Characters

New Alices

Timewarp Alice- Rumored Senior who created wormhole

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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