Gakuen Alice Chapter 030 jp

Title- A String of Incidents


Volume 06

Previous Chapter → 029

Next Chapter → 031


linchou is back and has brought gifts for everyone. While doing this, Penguin, a robot made by Hotaru is introduced. Penguin was returned by a client, because it missed Hotaru so much. Mikan and Penguin bond with ease. Koko and Kitsuneme made a prank on Sumire by drawing on her gift; a doll which she ordered linchou. Angered, she ordered Iinchou to punish the two with illusions. Though when Iinchou tries to for some reason his Illusion Alice doesn't work and he is taken to the research department to find out the problem. Narumi refuses to answer Mikan's wishes to see Iinchou, having Hotaru hit him with her Baka Gun to force Narumi to take them to see linchou. They meet linchou from behind a window and he is happy to see them, crying that he may not be able see everyone ever again. Later Mikan's class tries to help linchou by making paper cranes, but two boys criticize Mikan's attempts and comment that she brought back germs. Sumire punches them defending Mikan's actions, though she then tells Mikan not to make other's uneasy. Iinchou then arrives in the classroom telling them that even though they don't know what is wrong he still may be able to stay at the academy. He also speaks about a woman he met on his way back that may be the prime suspect to his alice loss. This women is said to be able to steal other's alices and a member of Z. Mikan hearing Z remembers Reo. Natsume suddenly leaves the classroom and Mikan runs after him. She asks about the connection of Reo and Z, but he ignores her. For Mikan's safety, Natsume tells her that he hates her and told her stay away from him. Natsume had a flashback about his sister gaining a liking to strawberries, so he gives her his strawberries. Suddenly an alarm goes off issuing students not to go outside, because Z members may be there.



New Characters

Penguin- robot penguin made by Hotaru

New Alices

Stealing Alice- Yuka Azumi (referred as "That Woman")

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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